March 14 2017 Jesper Olsson on 'The Voice of Magnetic Media. Tape Recording and Postwar Media Poetics'
MDRN Lecture || 14 March 2017, 16:00 hours || room tbc Jesper Olsson is LiU Research Fellow at the...
January 31 2017 CFP: Iconografie pirandelliane: Immagini e cultura visiva nell’opera di Luigi Pirandello
Convegno internazionale || 8-9 guigno 2017 || Università di Lovania (KU Leuven) Proposte di...

Featured Projects

Literature and Media Innovation (LMI): The Question of Genre Transformation is an Interuniversity Attraction Pole programme (IAP - P 7/01) financed by BELSPO. Coordinated by the MDRN-team in Leuven, it also involves researchers from other Belgian, American and Canadian universities.

Literature and its Multiple Identities, 1900-1950 is a GOA (Orchestrated Research Action) awarded to MDRN by the Research Council of the University of Leuven. This project studies the multiple functions, histories and mediatisations of writing in the modernist period.

Selected Publications