Littérature et document autour de 1930

Edited by Sarah Bonciarelli,  Anne Reverseau, and Carmen Van den Bergh.

Littérature et document autour de 1930. Hétérogénéité et hybridation générique deals with the intense genre hybridization in European literatures around 1930. Literature at this point appeared alongside a hitherto unprecedented large number of paper documents, while in visual culture, most notably in film and photography, a documentary aesthetic made itself ever more visible. In this dizzying context, literature constantly adapted itself, referencing or simply incorporating non-literary documents or adding to the documentary tendency in visual culture, ever crossing conventional genre borders. This special issue of La Licorne zooms in on this fertile moment in modernism, presenting both case-studies (on Italian, French, Romanian, ... writing) and more theoretical pieces. Do texts and visual works document the world differently, and, if so, what happens when they come to interact? And what, really, is a 'document'?